Our complete grow kits come with all the components needed for any novice to expert home grower to start their indoor cultivation!

These compact grow kits are ideal for growing 1-4 plants within confined spaces.


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Lesson 1: Organic VS Synthetic

After five years of full-time employment in the gardening industry I thought I was a pro. I enjoyed consistent success in guiding my clients to impressive yields. My employer generously gave me the opportunity to

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How To Grow Cilantro

Cilantro is a parsley-type herb. When grown for leaves only, it is called cilantro but if allowed to continue growing to seed, it becomes what is called coriander. In this article, we will discuss cilantro. Cilantro

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Growing In A Container Garden

Growing a container garden can help you grow fresh produce year round. Whether you have a small space in which to grow, or you want to keep your plants contained outdoors; there are different reasons

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